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Beach Trotters has attended the XII National Meeting of Clean Beaches. The company had available its own stand and Mr. Serafí Mercadé has given two lectures to the plenary of the congress, which was organized by Conagua – Mexico.

From 8th to 10th June 2017, the XII National Meeting of Clean Beaches took place in Nuevo Vallarta – Nayarit (Mexico). This Annual Congress is organized by the National Committee of Water (Conagua).

During the congress, the members of Beach Trotters in Mexico could share with the audience different issues about the quality of touristic beaches and theintegral management of them.

On the other hand, Mr Serafí Mercadé gave two lectures to the audience of the congress.

The first one titled: “Profits from investments on the beach management in Spanish ” permitting the audience to know about the huge investment made in Spain, in order to guarantee the quality of beaches, and on the other hand, to know the results that these investment have brought to the economy of the country.

The second lecture was focused on the sargassum. It was titled “How to remove propely the sargassum and improve the quality of the Caribbean beaches.” This lecture showed the proper methods to remove the sargassum from tourist areas. Managing the arrivals of sargassum working on land, sea and air.

During this lecture, it has been proved that it is entirely possible to remove sargassum, keeping at the same time a high quality of sand; guaranteeing the touristic use of the beach and protecting its biodiversity.

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