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Garbage removal from beaches


Cigarette butts are among the most common garbage on worldwide beaches

Cigarette butts are the most common sort of garbage that can be found in the marine environment, with an estimated number of 5 billion of them, being thrown every year in the environment around the world. A lot of butts are carried by the rain or follow a river course to the beach. They are also thrown away to the sand by vacationers.

Cigarette butts contain a great amount of metallic pollutants. Some of them are the cadmium, the arsenic, the zinc or the copper. Once they have been used, most of the toxics are retained in the butt filters, which finally are dissolved by the water. A single butt can pollute up to eight liters of water and it is hardly biodegradable. The metallic content of the water increases and get in the food chain, being it bioaccumulative.

In Beach Trotters, we are aware of this concern and we take part in the cleaning and hygiene of beaches. We are leaders in the market and we have a large experience and expertise from our Spanish culture, where beaches are an essential element for the economy, leisure and for the landscape.

We have at our disposal a long experience manufacturing beach cleaning machines, and they, with their screen system, are specially conceived to pick up any garbage, particularly of small size, as butts, glass pieces, etc. Our goal is to bring practical solutions to the need of keeping our beaches clean and out of waste.

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