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The seven essential elements for a beach adequacy regarding a tourist use.



While speaking about a tourist beach, it has to be taken into account the fact that its adequacy for a tourist use requires to have available:

1. - Comfortable and adequate accesses for the visitors volume: on this area, we have to design the infrastructures that lead to the beach, as well as the vehicle park site. The aim consists of making the beach easily reachable by both private and public transport.

2. Complete and suitable signposts: we include indicators to reach the beach, as well as plans placed at the accesses that show where you can find the main beach elements. We also include the custom information points and the information posts related to regulation and water quality. On the other hand, it is considered vital the warning flags about sea bath risk, the "reference totems" for children and the public address system posts to broadcast important warnings if necessary.

3.- Entry ramps or access foot walks suitable for everybody: these elements are essential to make the reach and walk on beaches comfortable and quick. Moreover, they have to make an easy way for wheelchairs and baby strollers.

4.- Toilets, showers and foot cleaners: it is important to distribute in the correct way throughout the beach the toilettes, the showers, as well as the foot cleaners in order to suggest a right feeling of suitable beach for a tourist and crowded use. These elements have to keep spaces correctly designed for an adapted use.

5. -Surveillance points, first aid and bath assistance: all crowded beaches require to set up all the elements, which will offer first aid services in case of accidents and a surveillance service in case of concerns with a user. It is very important to have at disposal all the elements that allow to offer a bath assistance for handicapped people.

6.- Leisure services and catering on the beach: all tourist beaches have elements that allow to offer additional services to the people. These services are diverse. For instance, we can mention leisure services and activities (buoyant parks, kayak renting, play fields, etc.) as well as other services like sale of meals and beverages or hammocks and umbrellas renting.

7. - Ordinances and local specific legislation. The municipality or the beach management entity have to write a set of norms and orders considering the beach users and whatever is either allowed or not allowed to do.

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