Beach Trotters

Beach TrottersmigasOur philosophy

Our philosophy

The commercial premises we work to are as follows:

  • Beaches and coastal zones of highly-populated or busy tourist areas. Subject to constant erosion and often irreparable damage if micro-zone planning is not adequate.
  • The success of actions by local authorities and government is based on combining the different uses of an area by responsible management of its environment and the human and material resources employed there.
  • Our specialist teams work with these authorities to identify the most suitable equipment, to ensure maximum respect for the environment where it is to be used or installed.
  • Beach Trotters, S.L. and our staff collaborate with associations that defend the values of respect for and protection of the coastal environment. We also take part in events and conferences, contributing our knowledge and experience.
  • The products we offer exceed average market standards in suitability for the functions they are designed to carry out.
  • All our products have a world-wide guarantee.
  • Our products are only marketed after we have tested their respect and suitability for the environment where they are to be used. If they do not pass, we prefer not to let them go, and pass this on to our customers.
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