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Municipalities face a tremendous challenge when preparing their beaches for this summer because of Covid19.To aid them, the spanish company Beach Trotters has created the most adequate and respectful system for the environment to ensure that the sand is free of viruses, bacteria and fungus that cause diseases such as the Covid19.

Beach Trotters has successfully combined two perfectly proven technologies and given a warranty for its efficiency against Covid19. This is the result of combining the sand sifting technology with the one that eliminates viruses, bacteria and fungus from the agricultural soil by pouring the appropriate dose of ozonated water on it.

This system has been named “Sifting with Ozone”. The director of Beach Trotters, Serafí Mercadé, gives us an explanation of how it works. “The machine, which has been specifically created to guarantee the sanitary safety of the sand in the face of Covid19, consists of a beach cleaning machine of the sifting type with specific equipment attached to it. This equipment is the one responsible for pouring the ozonated water on the freshly sifted sand.”

Just as it was shown at the demonstration on the past Friday 15th of May, the machine, called Dromedar, has an ozone generator, a tank of 500 liters of water and sprinkles. The ozone created in the generator is sent to the tank in order for it to get mixed with the water and then that ozonated water is poured on the recently sifted sand through the regulated sprinkles. The effect of the water is immediate since it eliminates any form of viruses that could affect the health of the visitors in less than 5 seconds. This guarantees that the beach is sanitarily safe.

On another note, it has been perfectly proven that the ozonated water is respectful towards the environment since it allows both flora and fauna life to exist without bothering it. This system only eliminates the viruses, bacteria and fungus and it respects the animals and plants that live at the beach.

The main advantage of using ozonated water, is that once it is poured on the sand, it does not affect humans, and thus, the beach can be open to the public while this system is being used.

After the excellent demonstration, it can be said that the municipalities can guarantee the opening of the beaches without fearing the Covid19. To do that, they must do the cleaning process with the “Sifting with Ozone” system that the spanish company Beach Trotters recommends every day. This way, the sand of your beach will be free from the virus that causes the Covid19 and ready to welcome guests.


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