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The showers and foot washers are the ideal accessory to be set next to foot walks. It is a quick solution to remove marine salt and sand from the skin. They can also be used in swimming pools as a previous step before getting into it. 

The quality of a shower and a foot washer is defined by two elements: its structure and the plumbing installation.

We offer both wooden and metallic structures. Any of them guarantees a high resistance and useful life outdoors in a salty environment. In both cases, this structure has been designed to efficiently resist vandalism, for instance, the fixing point at the lower pallet have been reinforced for that purpose. . 

Plumbing is installed by a flexible polyethylene tube. Its connexion with the public network  takes place inside the shower at its base, thereby better protecting it. Its components are: distribution tube, timer button and sprayer. It is characterized by its adaptability to any type of structure. Both its cleaning and spare parts remplacement are easily done.

They are made in wild pine and they are treated in autoclave (risk class IV) of salt free from chrom and arsenic, thus ensuring the useful life of the wook and its resistance to biologic agents.

They are presented in two different models, pyramidal and four staves. Its fixation to the base is done by inner stainless steel ironwork, which is conceived for this use.

For the cleaning and maintenance tasks, as well as for the installation, one of its sides has been made accessible, thus allowing to work on the plumbing or on the ironwork. 




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