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Ideal for oxygenating sand in more delicate areas or those with difficult access.

The Troyer is a self-propelled cleaner. They are easy to handle. Their small size makes them very agile and maneuverable. The Troyer can be used to clean beaches and public sandy areas in playgrounds. They are also conceived to clean Golf fields.

These small sized beach cleaners are ideal for cleaning the sand among umbrellas, sun beds and beach chairs. After having used the machine, these areas of the beach get perfectly clean both on the surface and under it. The Troyer remove cigarettes, sticks, plant debris, papers, glasses, bottles and plastic bags and all types of objects that are in its path.

Troyer beach cleaners have a sieve-vibrating grill that does the job of filtering the sand and separating it from the garbage. This work is continuously done without any stops.

The sand is returned to the beach and all the garbage are deposited in the rear hopper. The emptying of the hopper is done manually.

The Troyer has a modern design, which is perfectly adapted to their function. The engine is very easy to start and does not require almost any maintenance.

The entire chassis or main structure of the Troyer is hot dip galvanized as well as the grills. This type of protection means that the working life of the Troyer can exceed 10 years of beach work.

The working depth is adjustable from the control position of the beach cleaner by using a practical rotating device.

The advance of the Troyer is controlled from the control post located at the rear part of the machine. In this position there are three levers, a speed button and the brake and clutch controls. The levers operate the vibrating grill to set the forward or reverse position of the machine and to set the forward gears.

The UNICORN Troyer can be offered to clean hotel beaches, beach volleyball and beach soccer areas. The Troyer can also be used off the beach in sandy playgrounds and in Golf fields to clean and air the golf bunkers.

The UNICORN Troyer is very efficient at work and hardly stop due to breakdowns. Maintenance is quick and the replacement of parts is minimal



  • Chassis: Hot galvanized steel.
  • Dimensions: 1.980mm long x 960mm high x 760mm wide.
  • Weight: 215 Kg
  • Cleaning width: 750 mm.
  • Surface paint: PVC protection


  • Engine: Honda model GX160 3.6 kW of 4.8 hp. Combustion of gasoline and with  restricted noise
  • Type of traction: Self-propelled with manual guidance
  • Speed: 2 forward and 2 rear gears.


  • Cleaning System: Front Shovel, Vibrating Screen and Rear Hopper
  • Cleaning depth: from 0 to 100 mm.
  • Hopper capacity: 25 liters.
  • Discharge height: Manual in stock
  • Working efficiency: 1250-2800m2 / h
  • Direction: Differential locking system can be activated with a lever.


Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer
Beachcleaner Troyer


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