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Aseo madera playa


Attractive bathroom units specially designed for beach use

Modular units in treated wood which have been specially designed for beach use. Equipped with ceramic sanitaryware. Spacious and comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of users. Various exterior options available.

Prefabricated, transportable structure, treated to protect from it harsh weather conditions with the minimum possible deterioration.

Toilets and bathrooms.

Its physical characteristics have been designed to make loading and transport as easy as possible.
It is quick and easy to set up as it is transported fully finished and assembled. This means it is easy to make design modifications or last-minute location changes.

The exterior finish and gabled roof make it very attractive structure which integrates perfectly with its surroundings.
The final treatments and finishes applied to both the roof and other exposed elements effectively protect the structure against the weather and guarantee its durability.

Materials used: 
Support: depending on where it is to be located, it can be supported by pillars, concrete flats, pine railway sleepers, etc.
Base: Autoclave-treated Scots pine planks. Non-slip marine plywood. 
Walls: WBP marine plywood panels. Interior and exterior grooved, moisture-resistant compact phenolic plywood Structure: Autoclave-treated Scots pine planks.
Roof: WBP marine plywood. Finished with self-protecting oval asphalt tiles with mineral granules.

Exposed elements have been autoclave-treated. Visible elements are finished in open-pore varnish.


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