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Aseo de madera WC grande de playa. Modelo Mikonos


Modular units in treated wood which have been specially designed for beach use. Equipped with ceramic sanitaryware. Spacious and comfortable. Suitable for all kinds of users. Various exterior options available.

Bathrooms and WCs for outdoor use.

Their physical characteristics have been designed to make loading and transport as easy as possible. They are quick and easy to set up as they are transported fully finished and assembled. This means it is easy to make design modifications or last-minute location changes. Includes sanitaryware and installations and all other fittings.

Every toilet has an exterior door and is equipped with ventilation windows with reinforced glass and stainless steel bars.
The construction system, using sandwich-type panels and modular moisture-resistant plywood panels for the walls and interior partitions, makes the structure extremely versatile and also offers excellent thermal insulation and an attractive, high quality finish.
The final treatments and finishes applied to both the roof and other exposed elements effectively protect the structure against the weather and guarantee its durability.

Materials used: 
Support: depending on the surface on which it is to be located: pine railway sleepers, pillars, etc.
Base: mesh of autoclave-treated Scots pine planks. Non-slip plywood.
Walls: sandwich-type walls with extruded polystyrene insulation. Moisture-resistant phenolic plywood and grooved loblolly pine plywood on exteriors. 
Partitions: ‘H-laminated’ moisture-resistant plywood.
Structure: Swedish pine planks.
Roof: sandwich-type panels with extruded polystyrene insulation, WBP marine plywood and ‘H-laminated’ moisture-resistant plywood. Finished with asphalt shingles protected by mineral granules.
Carpentry: Loblolly pine double plywood doors on Scots pine frame. Framed, shuttered windows in loblolly pine double plywood.

Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC
Mikonos WC


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