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Syrennis boats guarantee waters free from buoyant objects, dertiness and bad smells, whereby optimizing the enjoyment of our coasts and the protection of all marine species.

Syrennis boats are designed to collect all types of floating waste brought to the coast and the bathing zone. 

The Syrennis can do any type of cleaning on shallow waters in ports, beaches and coastal zones. They are prepared to navigate on litoral areas with strong water currents and waves. They can also be used on rivers, in lakes or dams to do general cleaning tasks and pollution prevention caused by floating waste and seaweed invasion. 

Among the most common uses we can underline:

  • Sargassum collection in the sea or near the shore. 
  • Picking up floating waste of small and medium size.
  • Removal of floating plastics.
  • Collection of floating debris of high density tar and petrol.
  • Cleaning up all types of floating objects at the bathing zone
  • Keeping the sea water in a perfect state in trading and sportive ports. 
  • Prevention, surveillance and action against a jellyfish invasion. 
  • Seaweed collection .
  • Fishing nets removal as well as pieces of wood and plastic bottles.
  • Picking up death floating animals (fishes, rats, dogs, cats, birds, etc.)
  • Participating in rescuing people in the coastal zone. 

Cleaning system

Picking up floating waste is done by means of the mouths placed in front of the boat. They capture any object while the boat is navigating. 

The mouths are made of a stainless steel tube that constitutes the frame, and 2m3 bags where water is filtered, thereby retaining waste and sargassum / seaweed. The mouths are independent of each other. Once they are at a working position, they set a cleaning front of 4,2m wide. 

The mouths are tied to the supporting articulated arms, which can move synchronously in order to place them in front of the boat. 

The working navigation is usually done in 2 nods. 

Once they are full of bags, they are easily loaded on the deck and they are emptied into the containers in an autonomous way without being necessary for the driver to leave the boat assistance.


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