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The beachcleaning Scarbat machine is specially constructed to withdraw seaweed and to raise sargasso / sargassum in an easy and comfortable way.

The Scarbat beach cleaner has been made for the removal of sargassum and seaweed as well as for the cleaning of beaches on wet sand or dry sand.The Scarbat is a very efficient and versatile beach cleaner, which by its special design allows to work on all types of beaches. Sand cleaning is done with the screening system with a vibrating and conveyor mesh that allows the separation of waste from the sand and its transport to the rear hopper. This rear hopper can unload at different heights depending on the model

The lifting and collection of sargassum or seaweed is done very easily by means of the front mobile pick-up, that has a set of spikes that rotate at a variable speed. Both the height at which the pick-up works and the speed of its rotation can be easily adjusted. On the other hand, the turning direction of the pick-up can be reversed to adapt it to each working situation. 

The sieve and vibrating mesh also conveys the waste to the hopper. This cleaning mesh has several size options and allows a perfect separation of the sand. This sand is immediately returned to the surface of the beach. That is why Scarbat cleaning machines prevent the beach from erosion. Only waste, seaweed and sargassum are loaded into the rear hopper.

The advancing speed of the mesh can be comfortably and easily adjusted. This adjustable speed allows the user to adapt to the type of work to be done. That is why it is possible to clean on the seashore where sand is humid as well as inside the beach where we find dry sand. Therefore, the Scarbat beach cleaner is a versatile model and suitable for all types of beaches and all types of work.

Different parts of the Scarbat beach cleaner can be delivered hot dip galvanized. This is especially recommended, because the Scarbat is an ideal beach cleaner in tropical climate areas. 

The Scarbat has its own hydraulic system to drive the engines, that is independent of the tractor's hydraulic system. The hydraulic system itself has a large oil tank and a cooling radiator to maintain the low temperature of the hydraulic oil in the circuit. The cooling radiator is powered by its own engine, that is also hydraulic and improves the efficiency and performance of the beach cleaner.

The rear hopper has a large capacity. The unloading of the rear hopper is carried out from the tractor's own driving position, by activating the lifting and turning system. The unloading height is sufficient to unload the hopper into a truck or a cargo trailer. 

The Scarbat beach cleaner is perfect for large beaches exposed to all types of waste. It efficiently works on any type of beach. 



  • Chassis: Steel with anti corrosive treatment.
  • Dimensions: 6.470mm long x 1230mm high x 1280mm wide.
  • Weight: 2.950 Kg
  • Cleaning width: 1900 mm.
  • Surface paint: PVC protection
  • Mesh: Triangular interlocked with high resistant carbon steel of 23mm.
  • Tires: 500/50 17 ”
  • Bearings: Sealed and protected from the abrasive action of sand.


  • Type of traction: towing power of the tractor
  • Tractor type: 80-100HP 4x4 tractor
  • Power Take Off: 540rpm
  • Hydraulic group: the tractor’s one
  • Hitch: drawbar to be attached to the tractor's hydraulic.
  • Illumination: road lights


  • Cleaning system: Mobile front roller, Screen mesh, Rear hopper and Smoothing
  • Cleaning depth: from 0 to 30cm
  • Hopper capacity: 2.5m3 downloadable by hydraulic powering at 2.5m from the ground.
  • Recommended speed: from 5 to 12km / h depending on the degree of humidity of the sand.
  • Vibration: triple roller central vibrator.
  • Airborne noise emitted: less than LWA = 70 dBA
  • Distributor group: allows the regulation of the speed of the mesh and the feeder.



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