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Effective and very maneuverable model to clean small beaches and sandy areas.

The Unicorn Kangur 1.2 beach cleaner is a machine designed to clean small beaches and sandy areas by using the soil screening system. It is ideal for very small spaces where maneuverability is difficult. It is ready and galvanized when delivered to protect it from corrosion.

As the rest of the UNICORN units, it gives us the guarantee that it removes all waste and moisture from the sand, leaving it hygienically clean.

They pick up all types of waste such as: cigarette butts, bottle caps, opening rings for cans, crystals, plastics, etc.

They get deep in the sand and by sieving it, they allow its aeration, destroying practically all the existing bacteria that cause skin and mucous infections.

They flatten the beach and leave the sand spongy and prepared for the tourist enjoyment.

The waste is collected and deposited in the hopper, which can be handled hydraulically and unloaded at a height up to 70cm.

If the sand is wet, the cleaning should be done at a slower pace to allow the machine to sift the sand properly.



  • Chassis: Hot galvanized steel.
  • Dimensions: 1.200mm long x 1.300mm wide x 950mm high.
  • Weight: 160 Kg
  • Cleaning width: 1.200 mm.
  • Surface paint: PVC protection


  • Unloading height: Medium height according to the tractor
  • Traction type: tractor towing power
  • Type of tractor: 4x4 tractor 15-45HP equipped with lift and hydraulic joints.


  • Cleaning System: Front Shovel, Vibrating plaque and Rear Hopper
  • Cleaning depth: from 0 to 15 cm.
  • Hopper capacity: 150 liters
  • Working efficiency: 3900-11900 m2 / h


Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2
Kangur 1.2


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