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It is an ideal unit for medium sized beaches. 

The UNICORN Kangur 2.05 brings a remarkable working width and depth. By means of the ground sifting, the UNICORN Kangur 2.05 allows us to pick up all types of waste, which can measure 4mm as minimum. 

The whole chassis of the UNICORN 2.05 is galvanized to protect it against corrosion. The machine is designed to be able to work without wheels, however, they are offered as accessories. They are lightweight and guarantee a strong traction power. Maintenance is quick and spare parts replacement is minimal. 


  • Working width: 2.050 mm  
  • External measures: 205 x 185mm x 116 mm high
  • Tare: 730kg
  • Working depth:20cm
  • Loading capacity: 750 liters with hydraulic system 
  • Unloading at medium height
  • Hot integral galvanization
  • Easy handling of the vibrating sieve
  • Working capacity: 8.000-27.000 m2 / h  
  • Towing traction of the tractor: from 70 to 120HP
  • Four wheel drive tractor
  • Light wheels of high traction in option



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